Naat Album Collection Of Zulfiqar Ali Hussaini

Zulfiqar Ali Hussaini

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Zulfiqar Ali is a famous Naat Khawn. The reason for his popularity was his impressive and straightforward personality. He earned great respect and appreciation due to his unique way of reciting Naats. Allah Subhan o Tala awarded Zulfiqar Ali a great voice. FaizaneNaat is providing him with some most famous Naats online.

Listen to Online Naats of Zulfiqar Ali without any Media Player on Zulfiqar Ali has an attractive Voice as well as his incredible style of reciting hamd-o-naats makes him popular among people. You could easily hear Hamd o Naat and can also download free from in Mp3 and Mp4 Style.

Zulfiqar Ali has many famous albums and naats. Ya Shah e Umam, Amad e Mustafa PBUH, Dar e Nabi per, Nabi ka Aastan etc are most popular Naat Albums of Zulfiqar Ali. You can listen and download beautiful naats of Zulfiqar Ali from above albums and upcoming albums will be updated gradually.

Famous Sanaa Khawan Zulfiqar Ali Hussaini died on 30 July 2019 due to Neglaria Virus.

Neglaria Virus is spread in swimming pool water during humidity and warm water. Naat Khawan Zulfiqar Ali used swimming pool and Neglaria Virus make him ill and within one week He Died.

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