Naat Album Collection Of Shakeel Ashraf Qadri

Shakeel Ashraf


Shakeel Ashraf is one of the famous Naat khwans of Pakistan. He got marvellous accent which attracts his fans. He is a living legend and an asset for Islamic World our Homeland; He is the symbol of pride for the Nation Islamic Ummah. The service for the promotion of Hamd Naat Khuwani he has rendered is the reflection of his love dedication with the Prophet of Peace Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. He is the pioneer of Hamd Naat Khuwani in Pakistan, and he took an essential part in the development of this sacred field since his childhood. Shakeel Ashraf Gets emotionally involved while performing a Naatit creates a profound impact on the listeners as well. It shows the true love with the Holy Prophet of ALLAH, Muhammad SAWW. Listen to his New Naats online also find out latest Famous Collection of naats shareef by Shakeel Ashraf.

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