Naat Album Collection Of Sajid Raza Qadri

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Hafiz Muhammad Sajid Qadri is one the famous Naat khwans of Pakistan. He got marvelous
accent which attracts his fans. He is a living legend and an asset for Islamic World & our
Homeland; He is the symbol of pride for the Nation & Islamic Ummah. The service for the
promotion of Hamd & Naat Khuwani he has rendered is the reflection of his love & dedication
with the Prophet of Peace Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. He is the pioneer of Hamd & Naat
Khuwani in Pakistan, he took an eminent part in the development of this sacred field since his
childhood. Hafiz Muhammad Sajid Qadri Gets emotionally involved while performing a Naat & it
creates a deep impact on the listeners as well. It shows the true love with the Holy Prophet of
ALLAH, Muhamamd SAWW. Listen his Naats online also find out latest & Famous Collection of
naats shareef by Hafiz Muhammad Sajid Qadri

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